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Shiatsu is a Japanese non-invasive therapy used to stimulate the body’s self healing ability. The word shiatsu literally translates to “finger pressure.” Shiatsu therapy involves the application of manual pressure to specific areas of the body in order to assess and treat various issues. Shiatsu treatments have an influence on the nervous system, therefore improving organ functions and reducing muscle tensions . Shiatsu uses specific passageways called the 12 meridians, originally believed in Chinese medicine to house and conduct the flow of “Chi” energy into 12 different organs of the body. Shiatsu heals the body indirectly by stimulating the Chi going towards specific organs.


AKI SHIATSU provides a variety of shiatsu massage.

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        Aki first became interested in Shiatsu as a young child after his father's Tuberculosis had been successfully cured through the treatment. Shiatsu was not a common practice in Japan in those days due to the influx and glamour of western medicine, however Aki's father requested they seek out traditional therapy. In due time, they found a renowned shiatsu master who would regularly perform it on his father while Aki watched. Aki continued the treatment when the master wasn’t available, and as a result Aki's father recovered without any medicine or surgery, shocking everyone.


        Inspired and determined to continue helping other people, Aki decided to pursue shiatsu as a practitioner more than 50 years ago. Since then, he has performed Shiatsu on many people and healed all types of symptoms.


“We are so glad you have chosen to work with us. We know that you will feel the difference after one session. You will feel relaxed, lighter and invigorated.” -Aki Nagata

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